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Discussion: Bike Lanes in Edmonds

Citywide Bicycle Improvement Project

What we are talking about

Edmonds City transportation engineers are working on a Citywide Bicycle Improvement project. The project is designed to improve access and increase safety for bicyclists who want to ride along key commute corridors to commute centers like bus stops, park and rides, and transit centers.

Yes, we are talking about bike lanes and sharing our public roads with bikes. We will not remove all parking, as has been reported.

The good news is that these improvements make all roads safer by providing more space and more buffer zones whether you are in a car, on a bike, scooter, or walking.

Where the improvements are

The 2015 Transportation Plan, adopted by the Council in 2015, shows the best place to put these bike lanes are in central and south Edmonds. So that’s what we are doing.

· 100th Avenue West/9th Avenue North

· Bowdoin Way

· 228th SW

· 80th Avenue West

What improvements look like depends on the section of road

For 100th Avenue south of State Route 104, we convert four lanes to three lanes with a two-way left-turn lane in the middle. This frees up space for bike lanes on either side. Below is an example.

This improves safety by reducing speeds (and speeders), improves traffic flow by eliminating the left-turners who block traffic for everyone, reduces rear-end collisions because left-turners aren’t hanging in the traffic lane or stopping suddenly to turn left, and provides a five-foot buffer between traffic and pedestrians on the sidewalk.

For Bowdoin Way and parts of 100th Avenue north of Westgate, we remove some (not all) street parking to make space for bike lanes. There will always be parking on one side of the street. (Parking is on the right side here.) We expect to evaluate pedestrian improvements for safe street crossing.

On Walnut and Bowdoin between 9th Ave and 5 Corners, we will leave approximately half the current spaces for parking. You will always have parking on your street.

That said, as we get deeper into the design, we will be reviewing each section more closely and working with neighborhood residents to find the right balance of parking and bike lanes.

We received comments via email and social media. We have put together a Q and A here. Please take a moment to read through them.

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