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From the Field: Rain Garden Progress

We know many of you loved the rain garden story and were anxious to learn what's happening now. Here you go. (If you missed part one, check it out here.)

The 81st Ave rain gardens are starting to take shape!

After working to remove dirt, rocks, stumps and sod, Snohomish Conservation District and the Veterans Conservation Corps are starting now to replace that material with a particular soil blend that is perfect for allowing rain gardens to work.

This new soil mixture made up of sand, topsoil and compost and helps the new sculpted depressions to become porous, thus allowing this neighborhood’s excess stormwater to bio-infiltrate back into the earth and, in this instance, not carry the flow of water to Perrinville Creek. Yay!

These fresh piles of mulch will soon also be spread over the top of the soil blend (if they haven’t already!) to help keep the soil moist. This is a very important component to all gardens, as it allows the plants to get off to a good start, keeps weeds suppressed and reduces the need to water in the early stages.

Thanks for all your hard work SCD and VCC!

Soon this garden will come to life when our planting season starts! The next step will be plants and signage in a few weeks, so until then they look a bit bare. So stay tuned!

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