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Meet: Development Services Administrative Assistants Debbie Rothfus & Jana Spellman

When you call the Development Services Department with questions about a permit for a remodel, building a new single-family residence, tree cutting, dividing a piece of property, or wonder about the development codes, Debbie and Jana, who job share this vital position, make it a priority to return calls.

They want Edmonds residents and all potential public or private customers to know staff members are here and ready to help with building, engineering, planning, and permitting needs, and general questions not only by phone but through e-mails also.

What they hear over and over again these days is, “Oh my gosh, I can’t believe I got a real person or you called me back!”

If you get voicemail, you are strongly encouraged to leave a message. “We are only able to return your call if you leave a contact number. So please leave your number,” says Debbie.

They are also great listeners with many years of administrative experience and expertise in permitting, land use and engineering processes.

Both value and strive for the best in customer service. The position, as the first line of support for customers, is a good fit for their combined skills and knowledge base.

They know government can be difficult to navigate so both recognize that is job one for them- connecting people to information or someone who can get them the information they need.

Debbie and Jana support also Development Services staff and provide administrative services for payroll and payables. They also support the Housing Commission and Citizens’ Tree Board.

To contact Development Services, please call 425-771-0220 or Email:

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