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On the Fence: The Flock

Mona Smiley-Fairbanks’ recent installation for Edmonds Arts Commission’s On the Fence Temporary Public Art program features a long row of colorful bird silhouettes perched on top of the Anderson Center Playfield fence. “The Flock” calls attention to the variety of bird species throughout North America, and in our own backyard.

In her artist statement, Smiley-Fairbanks states, “Nearly 400 bird species use the diverse wildlife habitats of Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and British Columbia in some part of their life cycle…[and the] Edmonds Marsh hosts up to 90 species of birds in the course of a year.”

Smiley-Fairbanks encourages viewers to consider what they can do to preserve habitats: “Birds are one of the most accessible animal species to view, which means we can easily take care of the birds in our own backyards. By creating natural habitats including native plants, shelter, keeping our pets indoors, and joining local groups that maintain community wildlife areas, we make a huge impact into the health of not only birds, but many other animals.”

The City of Edmonds Arts Commission offers an ongoing opportunity through its "On the Fence" program for regional artists to create temporary outdoor art installations on three City owned fences. The Arts Commission is interested in encouraging a visual conversation through temporary artworks on chain link fence sites in downtown Edmonds.

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