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Q and A: Bike lanes

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

Updated: Aug. 17, 2020

We have had a lot of feedback about this proposal. Here are several questions and answers. If you still have questions, please submit them to We will do our best to get your question answered and posted as quickly as possible.

Why are you spending money on bike lanes when there are other more important projects?

This is grant money from Sound Transit to support transportation. Sound Transit pays for projects (in this case, bike projects) that are compatible with improving commutes and access to light rail and other transit stations. This benefits Edmonds because we get bike lanes and improved safety for all road users at no cost to Edmonds. We can’t spend this money on any other project except this bike project.

We have several big events at Yost Pool. If you take away parking, people will park other places.

Yost can be a busy place a few days during the summer. We are looking at summer, winter, fall, and spring and feel that the benefit the other 330 days a year carries more weight as a lasting benefit.

If you put bike lanes on Bowdoin, it will be more dangerous for kids because there are two blind curves.

Bike lanes create more space, a bigger buffer zone for children on sidewalks even in areas of blind curves. Children are already in the area so it will actually make it safer. By adding paint markings and showing proper bike and car travel lanes, we reduce the possibility of conflicts.

We need to maintain the parking on 9th by PCC and QFC and near 5 Corners

This plan is a general plan. As we go deeper into the project we will be reviewing smaller and smaller sections to address individual blocks regarding parking.

I need to maintain the parking in front of my house due to accessibility issues in my family

We will work with individuals as we move forward with the design of this project.

I received a flyer that said you will eliminate all parking and that you don’t plan to talk to residents at all

This is not true. We will not eliminate all parking and we will work with residents block by block to address specific concerns, for example, if there is someone with accessibility issues in the home or any other issue that needs to be addressed.

I believe there are several alternatives – including putting a bike lane on Main Street between 5 corners and Edmonds Station – that would be a better use of the funds.

There may be a possibility for future bike lanes on Main St., however that is not an option with this Sound Transit grant at this time. Additionally, Main Street is very steep and bicyclists told us they prefer Bowdoin to Main.

What about Olympia View Drive?

The City does not have much Right of Way on Olympic View Drive. OVD has poor and saturated soils on the east/south side and a steep drop off on the west/north side. To build it correctly would cost upwards of $5-10 million.

Several residents have submitted very detailed alternative bike route plans.

The Council and Sound Transit both approved the current bike routes because of the connections they make to Edmonds and Mountlake Terrace Sound Transit stations and the efficiency of those connections. The proposed routes would also provide connections to reach other destination points (such as schools, Downtown Edmonds, Shoreline, City parks, Community Transit bus stops, etc). All those routes are identified in our most recent Transportation Plan (2015 Transportation Plan). We could jeopardize the funding for the entire project if we made changes now.

Don’t take away all parking on Walnut.

We are still fine-tuning the plan and will continue to have more detailed dialogue with residents along the proposed route as the design phase progresses. We will bring on a design consultant and the design phase is currently scheduled to begin this October. As part of the early stages of the design phase, additional parking studies will be completed (looking at current capacity, existing parking use, and future needs).

Don’t take all the parking away outside assisted living centers

Commercial assisted living centers provide parking onsite. Residential care centers are in residential areas and were not designed nor zoned for more extensive on-street parking.

In this new plan, please bring some crosswalks crossing Bowdoin Way past 88th Ave. Too many folks crossing and cars are speeding through. The south side of the street doesn't even have ADA ramps at the ends of sidewalks so walking strollers is nearly impossible in areas. This area has lots of kids and needs increased safety.

You are right. There is increased traffic there. As part of this project, the team will look at possible locations along Bowdoin Way between 96th Ave W and Five Corners / 84th Ave. W where a mid-block crosswalk could be added. New ADA curb ramps would need to be installed as part of this addition. The addition of bike lanes will also reduce the width of the travel lanes and therefore reduce vehicle speeds.

Please do education about safe bike riding when you build these lanes. I see too many adults and children riding in the street.

The Edmonds Police Department has a series of videos we hope people can watch and share.

In 2016, the LET’S GO PROGRAM began to the Edmonds School District providing bike education for kids in Grades 3 through 6. The program has been expanded to many other schools within the School District and is on-going. More information about the program is available at the following link: During the design phase, Open Houses will be held and bike education information will be made available at those meetings.

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