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Under Construction: Rain gardens in the Sierra Park neighborhood

The City of Edmonds’ stormwater group, in partnership with the Snohomish Conservation District, is very excited to see our new rain garden project taking shape in the Sierra Park neighborhood.

Rain gardens are attractive and, for this neighborhood, will eliminate nearly all of the stormwater runoff from the street and private drainage that would normally flow north through Sierra Park and into Perrinville Creek.

The area, 81st Avenue West between 190th and 188th Streets, lies within the Perrinville Creek watershed. It is currently is suffering from significant erosion as it winds down toward Puget Sound. Rain gardens slow the speed of that runoff and filter the water, cleaning it as it goes into Puget Sound.

In general rain gardens are much cheaper to build and maintain than a stormwater system. In particular, This whole project is grant funded through Snohomish Conservation District (SCD). The cost to the city is: $0! What a deal!

The city has many rain gardens located in our right-of-way - 238th St. off of 100th Ave. is the most comparable to this rain garden. This is just the first phase of the project, and we can’t wait to see the final product! Stay tuned!

And if you drive by and wonder about the Veterans sign, Patrick Johnson, a Stormwater Engineering Technician with the City of Edmonds, says:

"Snohomish Conservation District promotes the fact that veterans work on these projects, part of the Veterans Conservation Corps (VCC) which gives opportunities to those that have served in helping restore and connect with nature in their own ways. I love supporting fellow Veterans!"

Thank you, Patrick, for your service to our country and now our city’s rain gardens. Learn more about the Snohomish County Rain Garden program.

Want to see more? Patrick sent a video too!

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